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I'm a documentary portrait photographer and full-time student based between Georgia and Tennessee. My academic work lends me to think about the human condition in my everyday — what binds us together, which experiences emerge as universal, the roles of emotion + connection + belief + togetherness in our lives — and photography is how I document it.

When I'm not photographing or studying, I write photo-literacy curriculum for Huneebee Project, a Connecticut-based nonprofit that empowers local youth to know hope, community, + confidence through beekeeping and peer mentorship. Working with Huneebee is incredibly meaningful for me because it allows me to explore the deeply healing and connective aspects of documentary photography, which are at the core of why I love it so much.

My work is ultimately a reflection of myself and how I see the world, meaning that connection and trust rest at the heart of my creative process. My approach to photography is guided by curiosity and a belief that there is inspiration everywhere, so long as we pay attention to it. 

Keep reading to find out more about who I am, what inspires me, and how I approach photography.

I'm so grateful you're here!


01.  Where I Find Inspiration

When I say "inspiration is everywhere," I'm talking about that deep, hard-won, radiant, messy, enduring beauty you can find in everyday things like full journals, laughter through tears, dusty old film photos with coffee stains, tending to the first garden, radio static, the moon, the relentless quality of morning sunlight.

This stuff inspires me to feel, to connect, to create. I find inspiration most often in places marked by connection, warmth, and nostalgia — you will find these things at the heart of my work. From there, my approach is guided by gentleness, curiosity, and a focus on genuine storytelling. I welcome things like blur, in-between moments, grain, messy hair, real laughter, and light leaks, because I believe they create the most moving, authentic images.

As a photographer and documentarian of life and love, trust is essential to my creative process. I know that inviting someone into your life in such a vulnerable way is not easy — but I want you to know that I treat my time working alongside clients with reverence and humility.

And, I figure that knowing some more about who I am might make it easier for you to share your story with me. To the right are some photos of my own life that bring me these same senses of warmth, nostalgia, and magic.


Captured memories that inspire me, make me feel, ground me in what I love most about this life.

02.  My Beginnings

Mom in her office (which later became my childhood bedroom), late 1980s

AfterlightImage 3.JPG

Dad + I exploring a backyard pond he built, 2003

My parents taught me everything I know about creativity & compassion & camping & coming home to myself — to know their influence on my life is to know me. I was raised on bonfires, Sunday morning hikes, waterfall swims, folk music + Fleetwood Mac, fresh-pressed apple cider, and a big love for community.

I grew up in the South, where I was raised by these two incredibly loving, spirited people. They both worked full-time running their own small businesses while I was growing up — businesses they started because they wanted to find a way to do what they truly loved while bringing meaningful services into people's lives. My mom was in her 20s when she started her business, and she loved it so much that she still owns and operates it today. If I could be anyone when I grow up, I'd be her.

When I was a senior in high school, I started taking casual senior portraits for my fellow classmates and I loved the how it stretched me creatively and challenged me to expand the limits of my thinking. So I started offering more services and kept creating, and I've learned that what we see depends on where we stand. Photography allows us to ground ourselves in our own story — to pause it, to sink our feet into the ground, to take it all in — and it allows us to gain insight into other people's stories, too.

Photography can be profoundly healing because of the connections it instills between us — it sculpts how I see the world and regularly reinvents my understanding of love.

03.  My Purpose

Photography kindles my love for this life.


I honor all that it gives me by offering photography services intended to return that gift back into the world. My photography services are crafted to help you slow down, open up, and let your story be creatively + intentionally documented.


I believe we are all better off when we have access to visual reminders that love & adventure & connection & joy are not scarce.

Whether you’re in love, graduating, going camping, getting married, writing a book, learning to be alone with your thoughts, or somewhere in between it all —


You deserve intentionally-crafted photographs that speak to the magnitude of your story, no matter where you are on your journey.


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a quote from Susan Sontag's 2003 commencement address at Vassar College


Joy Sullivan

Heartbreak will come. Pain will come. Endings will come. And still, a bowl of strawberries

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Joan Didion, written to an exact character count on a typewriter in 1961


Joy Sullivan

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