Intentional conversations & consultations crafted to support your creative growth
— grounded in connection.

To be creative is to bring forth something sculpted by your own perspective, based on your own experience of the world and vision for what could be. This is a vulnerable, beautiful, complex thing — and it also takes a village.

I owe so much of my creative growth to some very talented and kind people who were willing to open up their beautiful minds to me so that I could get to know my own, and I owe even more of my growth to people who let me in on their best tips, resources, and ways to make creative work sustainable for their lives.

I feel like I could talk for centuries about what goes into my creative work and my business, what I've learned, what I wish I knew a long time ago, what I hope for in the creative world — I spent 10 seconds listing out relevant topics I'd want to talk to people about and all of this emerged:

storytelling + camera settings + equity + mental health + copywriting + staying true to your values + social media + burnout + editing 101 + SEO ...the list goes on.

Which led me to think about stuff I hear all the time:

questions i hear a lot  ╮

"Would you be willing to give me some feedback on my photos / social media pages / website / client materials / etc?"

"I looove the way film photos look but I have no idea how to do it. Do you shoot film? How?"

"I can't afford to hire brand/web designers, but I need a good website and consistent branding. Can I do it myself? How did you?"

"How do you manage being a full-time student and running a small business?"

"I want to get my work out there but I hate the idea of self-promoting or being salesy. Help!"

"I like photography a lot and I'm drawn to the idea of a small business, but I have no idea where to begin. How did you get started?"


"I need help with camera settings and editing techniques. Can you teach me some of what you know?"

"I am so bad at technology but I have to use it to make this work! What is SEO? How do I make my social medias look pretty? How do I still maintain my privacy? Help!!"

"How do you deal with burnout?"

"I want to get better at [insert creativity/photography/small business related thing]. Could you help and maybe point me to some of your favorite resources?"


...and I want to start some meaningful conversations.

​I definitely don't know everything about these areas (and I don't really consider myself to be an "expert" or "teacher"), but I do have years of personal experience and a whole lot of knowledge I've picked up along the way.

I've made mistakes and learned from them, experienced severe burnout and emerged on the other side far more grounded and inspired than ever before, had more episodes of overwhelm at the thought of running a creative business on my own than I can count, and still managed to fall in love with the creative realm over and over and over again.

I'm still figuring it all out, because growth is never linear. But I believe in figuring things out in community, and I want to be an engaged conversation partner and resource curator for you.

Whether you're just beginning and have questions about getting your work out into the world, looking for inspiration + resources, wanting to bounce some ideas off a likeminded person, or somewhere in between all of that — let's get coffee.

I am so grateful you're here, and I hope you believe in all that you have to offer the world.

I know I do.





$79 per session  /  $69 per session for set of 3

over Zoom or in-person

Perfect if you have a handful of specific topics you want to pick my brain about and talk through together, or if you want some quick feedback on some of your work.

This ~1 hour session includes:

  • Questionnaire

  • Optional on-site feedback on selected content


$250 per session

over Zoom or in-person

A more structured and goal-oriented session; designed for folks who have questions but also want resources and more space to grapple with topics.

This ~2 hour session includes:

  • Questionnaire + pre-planning

  • Personalized masterlist full of resources, tips, and prompts curated by me based on the goals you identify

  • Feedback on selected content done BEFORE your session so we can go over it, try out some techniques/approaches, and troubleshoot together


$650  /  payment plans available  /  3 separate sessions including a portrait branding photoshoot, intended for clients local to Atlanta & Sewanee


  • Questionnaire + custom outline of our time together

  • Personalized masterlist full of resources, tips, and prompts curated by me to inspire your specific creative voice + the goals you identify

  • Ongoing feedback on selected content (can include specific photos, your social media, galleries, your website, client materials, etc)

  • creative (branding) portrait photography session to conclude our time together and give you visual content that resonates with your creative voice

  • A roadmap of your next steps + goals co-written by both of us to use after our time together ends



  • If you're interested in this series but do not live in Atlanta or Sewanee, reach out to me! I would hate to miss the opportunity to work with you, and the first step to figuring out what is feasible is a conversation. <3

Put simply: I believe in you, and I believe in what you have to offer the world. I'd love to talk to you about your creative process, unanswered questions, and things you're grappling with.

If you've got questions or intentions that you think I could help you with, I would be honored to be your conversation partner.

Reach out through the form below — I'm stoked to meet!

– GK



What are you hoping to get from our time together? Feel free to choose multiple – we will connect and figure out a plan that best serves where you're at right now!