Here are some of my most frequently asked questions, all in one place. If you don't see questions you have listed below, just shoot me an email.


What are your approach and style like?

I am a documentary portrait photographer, which means I am focused on making portraits that document the story in front of me with creativity and ease. I will give you gentle guidance and direction, but I will not "pose" you or have you act in ways that feel forced or unnatural. My sessions are designed to feel laid back, inspired, collaborative, and like you're spending time with an old friend.

I am attracted to natural light and color hues, and my editing style enhances these natural elements while adding a stylized look that often mimics film. Collectively, my approach and style result in photos that feel emotive, authentic, and nostalgic.

How long have you been a photographer? Can you shoot film?

8 years, and I've been in business for about 4.5 years! I can shoot 35mm black & white and color film, and I can develop and make prints of black & white film in the darkroom.

We have never modeled or had a professional photoshoot before. We feel so awkward in front of the camera! Do we need to know how to pose?

This is not a problem at all! I've got you, promise. The vast majority of my clients are nervous at first but warm up within the first 15 minutes of shooting. I will give you gentle guidance and direction the whole time, but I will focus the most on creating an environment where you feel comfortable and able to be yourself.

All I need is your trust and willingness to communicate and connect with me — it all falls into place after that! I promise :)


Do you offer film photography services?

I sure do! And I love it. All packages include digitized Polaroid versions of selected images, but 35mm film coverage is an available add-on priced per roll of film.

Do you include unedited, raw images in the final gallery?

I do not. Editing + processing are essential parts of my creative process and work, and a big part of what you are investing in by booking with me is the artistic style of my photographs as emphasized through my editing. I also ask that you do not place additional filters or effects over my work after receiving your final gallery so as not to misrepresent my work.

Can we hire you to be a guest speaker/lead a photography workshop?

Absolutely! I've been a guest speaker and led photography workshops before and I just love it. I create custom talks and workshops for each event I'm hired for, and I'd love to talk to you about the possibility of working together. Just send me an email and we'll connect!

Do you travel for sessions? How does calculating travel sessions work?

I do, but these bookings tend to be limited! I have standard rates for travel sessions depending on where the locations are, which you will receive in the welcome guide I send you after you inquire. These standard rates are designed to simplify the booking process and avoid stress surrounding unexpected added costs. If you would like to book at a location at my travel schedule & bucket list, you will receive significantly discounted session rates.

Do you photograph families? What is your approach?

Besides the add-on family session for senior packages, I only book family sessions with young families (children under the age of 12). My approach to family photography is very laid back, candid, and documentarian — if you are looking for a posed, holiday card-esque family portrait, I am probably not your best option for that! I am happy to recommend some amazing photographers local to you who do offer family sessions more attuned to that style, just let me know.

Do you offer physical prints of your photos?

I do! I offer prints + physical products of all client galleries, and I have a separate print shop for personal photographs I've created over the years! All client galleries have a personal link to the client print shop where they can select and design products they want. A set of free prints are included in each session package as a gift, because I am passionate about the physicality of art and I want my clients to experience how meaningful it is to have tangible copies of their favorite photographs. 


The products I sell are made by highly-respected print labs based in the U.S. and all over the world, from high-quality materials chosen to do your photographs justice. You can read about the labs your photos will be entrusted with here!


How much do you charge? What's included in your packages?

I have a whole page dedicated to this! Read about what I offer here.


What happens after I fill out the booking form?

I will reach out to you within about 72 business hours, answer any questions you have, and discuss my availability with you. Once we confirm that my approach + style speak to what you're looking for and we determine our availability, we move on to officially booking, which involves a deposit + signed contract. After that, we start the fun stuff — planning, getting to know each other, getting inspired, etc!



Do you require deposits? What if we have to reschedule or cancel?

In order to officially book your session, I require a nonrefundable deposit. I totally understand that things come up and rescheduling sometimes needs to happen, so I am happy to reschedule and reapply your deposit to a new date as long as we do that at least 24 hours before your session!


What if the weather is bad on my session day?

I encourage clients to embrace whatever weather comes our way — I have extensive experience shooting in sun, cloudy skies, rain, snow, and fog, and the pictures can be SO beautiful. However, if the weather poses threats to our safety or my gear, we can totally reschedule at no additional charge. This is something we will be in touch about!

Do you offer discounts or shorter sessions?

I very occasionally offer mini sessions for a discounted rate, which I announce on Instagram around a month before they occur. I also host occasional session giveaways to celebrate things like launches and business milestones. Follow me there @greytakespictures in order to be notified!

Additionally, I offer some discounted rates for sessions booked on my travel schedule & bucket list. View that information here and let me know if you would like to know more about this when you inquire!

If you connect with my work but do not see a package within your budget, I encourage you to reach out to me so we can discuss possible ways to work together in this season. Though I do not typically offer discounted sessions or rates, making high quality photography accessible is something I care about deeply and am willing to discuss.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! Just let me know if this is something you would be interested in when you book.

Do you help with planning?

Yes! This is genuinely about 1/3 of what you're paying for when you hire me. I work with you for the weeks/months leading up to your session learning about your vision + needs, curating moodboards and ideas, researching locations for you, and more. You will also receive access to all of my client guides and planning resources when you book with me!

Will we get sneak peeks?

Yes! I love sending sneak peeks. I try to get them back to clients within 72 hours of our session. Sometimes I do tweak things / change edits between sending sneak peeks and delivering the final gallery, so be aware that those edits may not be final.

When can we expect to get our pictures back?

All sessions include a 4-week turnaround time, but expedited gallery delivery is an add-on I offer.