Reflections on senior photography & a love letter to Sewanee '22

This past season (August through May) was my fifth year taking senior portraits and it was by far my most meaningful one yet.

I was (and am) so honored to have walked with the Sewanee class of 2022 in their joy, pride, grief, excitement, anticipation, and reflection. That's part of why I love taking senior photos — this season is full to the brim of all kinds of feelings and experiences and celebrations of growth. It's not lost on me that when you book senior portraits, you are trusting someone not only to take flattering, beautiful, representative portraits of you — you're also trusting them to capture and document the ways you've grown and become a more whole version of yourself in your years in school.

It's no small thing, and when graduation comes around each spring I'm reminded of how cool it is that part of my job is to help people celebrate and recognize their growth by creating visual images inspired by it.

What made taking this year's Sewanee graduates so meaningful for me was the fact that so many of them are my dear friends. Not just people whose faces I know or folks I say hi to on the way to class, but genuine friends of mine who I've grown + cried + laughed + studied + eaten + lived with for the past 3 years. And now they're off to big cities and foreign countries and new horizons, and I carry with me everything I learned from our time together into my last summer before a new year of college begins — and then into my own senior year of college.

Being a photographer and full-time student can be so overwhelming sometimes. And then, in a moment of stillness, I remember that my job is witness and creatively document the most meaningful seasons + moments, often times for people I love a whole lot. The stress of it all fades almost entirely, and I am reminded of what a gift it is to be trusted in this way.

To Sewanee C'22 — we'll miss you more than you know. Thank you for inspiring us and making us better people because of the time we got to share the Mountain with you all. Onward <3

Highlights of this year's collection of Sewanee grad portraits I took —