Spring Grad Session with Lakeisha — Sewanee, TN

Where do I even begin with this one — Keisha was one of the first people who ever made me feel like Sewanee could be my home. I met her the day I moved in for my freshman year. Right off the bat, she was radiant and funny and welcoming and fun, and I knew I would be right at home as long as I stayed close to people like her. Fast forward 3 years and she is one of my sorority sisters and dearest friends and someone I look up to daily. Taking her grad photos was equal parts heartbreaking (don't leave me!!!) and wonderful, because I got to celebrate one of my favorite people in the world. This was Keisha and I's third shoot together, and both of us agree that this one is by far our favorite.

April 2022 — Sewanee TN